ChatBasha— Facebook Chatbot, ECommerce & Social Media Management Tool

ChatBot includes many unique and advanced features that together make the application the best among other software in this field.


Broadcasting can do Email and SMS marketing. That is, it can send bulk Emails and SMS to customers Email and phone numbers automatically.

Messenger chatbot

The messenger bot of ChatBot can talk to users 24/7. It can reply with text, image, video, GIF, post back button, quick reply, Generic template, and carousel template.

Full Ecommerce Platform

It is a full-featured Ecommerce platform. It could be run on both Messenger and browser. With this feature, clients can buy products and make payments easily.

Social Media Markiting

Social Posting can publish and schedule multimedia posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit. Besides, it can re-publish the same post over and over again.

QR Code Digital Menu

Use the Ecommerce store as the QR code digital menu for your store/restaurant.

Comment Marketing

Facebook Comment automation and Instagram comment automation can mainly make auto comment and auto comment reply under posts. Also, they can delete and hide abusive comments and do many other things.

How does this app work?

Connect social account

Connect Facebook account is just few clicks easy. clicking `login with facebook` button will prompt you to allow access to import your Facebook & Instagram account and enable bot for page and you are ready to go.

Create comment

You can comment your own post one time or multiple times. you can save your comments as template and use it whenever you want. periodic posting feature will allow you to comment randomly or serially taking content from template in a frequent manner and start-end time interval.

Create comment reply

Reply automatically your Facebook post based on comment content. you can also hide/delete any offensive comments. you can save your replies as template and use it whenever you want.

Create messenger bot

You can set messenger bot with visual flow builder beside classic builder, so your messenger will work 24/7 automatically.

Create posting campaign

Just create text/image/video/link content you want to post. now post it or schedule it to post later. you can also set scheduled periodic post to post same content periodically.

Smooth and steady Dashboard

ChatBot has a properly structured and precise dashboard that lets the user use the application’s different features efficiently. In one word, ChatBot’s Dashboard is designed in a way that users can run the application appropriately. Also, the Dashboard gives information with Graphical Analytics.

What Makes ChatBot Awesome

Humanlike Interactive chatbot

ChatBot’s messenger bot can converse with your customers like humans. It can store information and use them to make the conversation more engaging

Effective Social-media Marketing

ChatBots has sturdy features to do marketing your products via Facebook, Instagram — publishing posts and replying to comments.

Full-featured Ecommerce Platform

ChatBot’s Ecommerce store can be opened on Messenger and the browser. It can sell your products automatically to the clients and take payments from them.

Highly Customizable Codebase

You can easily customize ChatBot from the front-end. Moreover, you can customize the codebase that is easy to understand.

Well-designed Interface

ChatBot’s every feature has a well-developed and steady interface. On the interface, you can easily and smoothly create campaigns for the respective feature.

Multiple Payment Gateways

ChatBot supports multiple payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe. With the payment gateways, you can take payments from the end-users and clients very easily.

As Ecommerce site

You can easily create Ecommerce site by uploading the images of your products and making some settings. After you have created Ecommerce store, clients can easily buy products and make payments, try it now.

As Digital Menu

You can use ChatBot’s Ecommerce store as the contactless digital menu for your restaurant. After you have created a virtual restaurant with food items, it will generate two types of QR code— one for Messenger and the other for browser. You have to place the QR code on the table of your restaurant. The moment a client scans the QR code, the digital menu of your restaurant will appear on the mobile screen. And from the digital menu, a client can choose food, give orders, and make payments easily and smoothly without talking to the waiter and manager. Watch the video to see how a client gives an order for coffee, without specifying the table number, and makes payments, then receives the coffee on the table the client sitting at.

Scan the QR codes

Scan the QR codes below to see how the digital menu of a restaurant works.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to create Facebook app?

No, you don`t need to create any Facebook app. we are covering all the complex stuff and giving you the easiest experience possible. just import your account and start using the awesome features.

Is there any risk involved with my Instagram?

Not at all. we are using instgram official API. everything is official here. don`t need to worry.

Can I edit images before posting?

Yes, you can. we have full-featured image editor integrated with the system. you can crop, add text, add shape, add filters etc. before you post images.

What if i face issues?

We are always alert to mitigate any global issue arise. if you still face any issue using the system you can open support tickets and our support team will guide and help you out.


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